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July 19, 2006 by Wade Helquist
Alien fish exchange is one of the best games ever you can enjoy hours of fun breading fish
sounds boring is actualy a blast. You don't even have to have a phone to play it!

Check out what it is all about.

To play:
1. Go to
2. Take out http://
3. Put in the Url
4. Click Login
5. Make a new player
6. Have a blast!
August 26, 2004 by Wade Helquist
I hear this argument all the time that it is the media's flat that we think we are no go that we are fat, that are kids are violent, at are society is going downhill. Well this is just ludicrous.

Who controls the media? It is us as a society. We are the ones that tell the media which shows are important simply be watching them!

I mean seriously I no one cared about total makeovers, reality TV shows or, Fear Factor do you think they would be on that long. Is their a lot of substance. Lots...
August 26, 2004 by Wade Helquist
What do the points even mean anyway!
Thay our so much beter than the next person
because you are willing to talk Lance Armsrong
the latest Widget boring old politics with Kerry and Bush
battling it out!
Is that what a blog really about what is going on in the
world our is about us?

I don't know about you but I think that taskbar customization
really applies to my every day life!

And in most refered whe have the lovely "Floozie is bored" on
too much information which is nothing m...
August 26, 2004 by Wade Helquist
"But on a more theoretical level, we decided to post in this manner because we were more concerned with our ideas getting out there than our names. I get the impression that some people who use their real names sometimes have the tendency to treat their blogs as if they were some sort of diary, with personal stories of their kids or vacations or whatever. We didn't want our blog to focus on us as individuals, only on our ideas or opinions. It is also a way to keep us from spouting off about how ...
August 25, 2004 by Wade Helquist
Every Morning I wake up,

Every Morning the world is different from yesterday,

Every Morning I no longer am the same person,

Neither Physically or mentally,

Their has been many times when I wonder

is their really a me?

If these are my body, my spirit, my mind.

If these are mine

The who is the "I" the "Me" that can own
the posessions?
Are they really seperate from me?

My religion teaches that their is an I

that I am all three a holy trinity in one

August 25, 2004 by Wade Helquist
Their is something about blogging that has a magical quality. Being able to write and actually have people read your thoughts and see your view on things. Spread your ideas into the world and make a difference.

It is so addicting that here I am at 2:00 in the morning writing my little hands to a bloody pulp while my eye lids droop my body yearns for sleep and my eyes flutter.

At first blogging was impossible I could not do write anything my perfectionist side of me would not let me. Every...
August 25, 2004 by Wade Helquist
The lure of being anonymous is just to great. No one knows your true identity who you really are. Thus your blogs are not really reflecting you which is what a web log is meant to do. So much for your thought your feelings, your life your ska8ter and you like to blade and have a cool shades. No doubt you would even show people the pic you swiped off the net. Its like chat rooms gone bad all over again. No gender, no age, no location.

If you haven't noticed by now I like to practice what...
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
I enjoyed this movie. Good plot and aplied to my inner geek because I knew alot of the computer termonology. Some good twists and turns. My favorite part about it though was the message that Knowledge should belong to the world. It made me think that if we as hummanity just tried to work togeather instead of always competing we could accomplish so much more.
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
I have watched this movie over and over it is great. Bill Murry stuck in his own personal time warp. "Every day is exactly the same and ther is nothing he can do about it." He gets so depressed that tries killing himself over and over. It goes through the many phases of wonder, realization, acceptancepain, boredom, depression, and finally onto fulfilment. Great show!
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
"Dreams are, according to some psychologists (most famously, Sigmund Freud), rich in symbolism and offer a window into the unconscious mind. Interpretation of dreams is a regular part of psychoanalysis. It is said that one may control the course and content of dreams by a technique called lucid dreaming. However, this could distract one from the dream-matter provided by the unconscious mind." Dreams I have studied dreams for several months and kept various dream journals. I have two no...
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
"Obsessions serve to bind anxiety, to contain fears, and to keep us distracted. It distracts us from something more deeply troubling inside us. An obsessive person may be plagued by frequently recurring thoughts. These thoughts can overpower one's life by their sheer pervasiveness, deluging one’s mind many times in an hour or even in a few minutes."

Wow I realized that obsession was to cover up anxiety and that you felt better when you did things or obsessive things. I just didn't ...
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
"People who achieve enduring fame are those who dare to be different...[and have the qualities of] Courage, risk-taking, a passion for their work, and a strong determination"
Images of greatness

Every time I think of greatness. I feel a burning inside of me. A message from god that I can achieve it. This is my life aspiration to make a difference in the world. I want to change the way society thinks. I want to bring back old values and traditions.

I am not defeated by my illness. I...
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
That was my offical diagnosis by my lovely doc! It means that my ear is out of wack for some reason, it may last a few weeks they don't know, it may come back later the don't know, in fact they don't even know if I have that for sure... I see the world downhill all the time my sence of balance and perspective is scewed. At first the thought it was my medication depakote but they are not sure! Leave it for doctors to be not sure. They just keep running tests until they can figure out for sure wha...
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
I found some info on my condition it is caused by the 3 semicircular canals not working sending the wrong signal to my brain.
This is what is causing my world to all look downhill and causing me to be off balance. I don't get as large amount of dizzinesses described in this article But it sure is quite an impairment.
August 24, 2004 by Wade Helquist
Going to see my doctor to find out exactly what is wrong with me! At first I thought I just had vertigo from going to lake powel and being on the house boat for a week. But It hasn't gone away. I'm not dizzy. Just everything always looks down hill no matter what way I turn.

And the real downhill places are downright scary! I went to see a doctor he says "I think it is your depakote you are taking for bipolar disorder." So I talk with my psychologist he says "It looks like your...